03 04 12: Recent Release - Hugo

Hugo (Scorsese '11)


In a regular kind of year, the sort where foreign, black and white silent films don't win every award going this would have probably cleaned up at the Oscars.  As it was Scorsese et al had to share the limelight with The Artist (coming to Roxy soon...) taking home 5 awards albeit for the less glamorous categories of Cinematography, Art Direction, Visual Effects, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.  Still, that's a pretty serious pedigree and perfectly reflects the visual and technical artistry of this amazing looking and sounding film.


We must admit to being a bit surprised at Scorsese directing what is essential a kid's fantasy film, but like most of the great animations of recent years, this is actually aimed at adults as much as children and is handled with the same passion, care and attention to detail as even the earliest of Scorsese's work.  An excellent piece of filmmaking.  Don't miss!


Starts 8pm

£3 cover / FREE to members


(Also screening Monday 2nd April)

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