08 04 12: Recent Release - The Iron Lady

The Iron Lady (Lloyd '11)


Phew, where to start, with possibly the most discussed and commented on film of the year?  Ok, so the facts - Phyllida Lloyd, she of Mamma Mia directorial fame, takes on a biopic of Margaret Thatcher.  Which is written by Abi Morgan, most recently known for the Shame, the tale of a New York sex addict (coming to Roxy in May btw...).  And grand dame of Hollywood Meryl Streep is to play Thatcher.


And if all that's not enough to raise an eyebrow we haven't even started on the whys and wherefores - should the film have been made whilst Thatcher is still alive?  Should it be portraying her dementia?  What about the politics?


Well, as we all know Streep is brilliant and has picked up pretty much every award going.  As for the film, it does focus much more on the woman rather than her politics, whether that's a good or right thing or not.  Regardless, it's certainly a fascinating portrayal of a powerful woman, particularly in her latter years.  Obviously worth seeing for Streep, but worth seeing too regardless of your political stance if only to form your own opinion.


Starts 8pm.  £4 cover / FREE to members

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