13 11 12: Aorta Burst Film Club #5: The Refrigerator + The Big Meat Eater

After the excellent American Juvenile Delinquents night last month (3 films + free 'zine + mix CD!) Aorta Burst are back this month with a horror/comedy double bill of THE REFRIGERATOR & THE BIG MEAT EATER!


"Presented in collaboration with Berserker Magazine, Aorta Burst Film Club is back at the Roxy Bar and Screen with films fit for a chilly November evening. After our previous experiment in taking advantage of the Roxy's great facilities by whacking on some ropey old tapes was a success, the Burst is returning to the VHS well with two should be cult classics that conjure up beautiful memories of the days of video rental.


Opening our double bill is 1991's THE REFRIGERATOR, director Nicholas Jacobs' four year's in the making graduate film. When a young New York couple move into an improbably cheap apartment, the catch involves an unruly kitchen appliance that doubles up as a gateway to hell. Brimming with hallucinations, flashbacks, dream sequences, domicile violence and strange comedy, THE REFRIGERATOR gets maximum entertainment out of its setting.

Whatever audience a horror satire about a murderous fridge has, it deserves a bigger one.




How do you follow a kitchen massacre? With Canada's greatest sci-fi-horror-comedy-musical THE BIG MEAT EATER! Director Chris Windsor's only film, but if you were to only make one, it might as well be one containing a toy robot alien invasion force, a mild-mannered butcher with a new universal language, radioactive meat chemicals, home made rocket ships and dodgy new wave bands singing in a town hall. BIG MEAT EATER is a film that revels in its position out of the mainstream like no other, a totally unique low budget mixed-brow feature that goes so far out of its way to be odd you can't help but be captivated. The phenomenal musical numbers will have you dancing in rapture, as psychotic fez-donning butcher Abdullah (played by jazz musician "Big" Miller) sets off an erotic frenzy slapping steaks on the butcher's counter. He don't like no fruits, and no veggies too, and he don't give a damn about them that do!



So join us and bask in the warmth of these two rarely-screened VHS wonders that will confuse and delight in equal measures. As usual with the Burst, there will be zines full of new writing and illustrations about whatever takes our fancy for the first 50 people, a bit of a reminisce about the glory of VHS, and some kind of crazy intermission fun.


Kicking off at 7pm

and all for the low price of £3!"


More about Aorta Burst aortaburst.tumblr.com  and follow them on Facebook or Twitter.



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