21 07 13: Belleville Rendezvous Reanimated!

Back in 2006 we had the privilege of Animat playing the first rescore live at Roxy to a packed house.  Since then, they've returned for rescores of Dark Star, The Straight Story, Tuvalu and The Last Man on Earth and we're honoured that they've agreed to a special preview of their updated first rescore ahead of a UK-wide tour in September as part of Scalarama.


Animat presents... Belleville Rendezvous Reanimated


Belleville Rendezvous (aka Les Triplettes de Belleville outside the UK), is an acclaimed French feature animation written and directed by Sylvain Chomet and made using the best of traditional animation techniques and modern technology.  A charming, yet dry, sardonic and bittersweet tale of a grandmother, dog and aged song-and-dance troupe trying to rescue a grandson cyclist from the French mafia the extraordinary animation and characters makes this a delight.



And what makes this performance even more special is the magical rescore played live by Animat.  Not merely musicians playing all over the film, Animat blend the original sounds from the film with a range of live instrumentation and samples to create a unique live cinema experience. 


"Sylvain Chomet’s award-winning animated movie brought to life by Animat’s suitably imaginative soundtrack" 

The Guardian


This would be right up in the top highlights of events ever held here, and we're dead excited to have the new improved version!  Cancel important things for an amazing event!





Animat are a downtempo electronica duo based in Sheffield, UK.

Musicans, producers and DJs Mark Daly and Michael Harding have collaborated with vocalists including Anne Garner and Sanchita Farruque, released music on BigChill, and Bloodsugar labels, appeared on  numerous compilations,done remix duties for Pitch Black, Winter North Atlantic and Deep Dive Corp, and have had music used in multimedia projects at Tate Britain and New York’s Leverhouse Gallery. Animat are also collaborating on a new band: Rophonic.



Animat have appeared at numerous festivals, art house cinemas and events with their unique “soundtracking” take on cult films. A mix of specially written music, tracks from their DJ catalogue and the film’s dialogue and score is played live with the screening.



Starts 8pm.  £8 tickets



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